BMA joins mounting protest against migrant Charging.

The BMA have just published a report which says exactly what we have been warning about for over a year. Migrant charging deters immigrants from seeking treatment, including for serious illnesses. Newham Save Our NHS and North East London Save Our NHS held a march recently to highlight the issue and we have persistently putContinue reading “BMA joins mounting protest against migrant Charging.”

North East London Campaign to Protest Migrant Charging

NELSONHS have been putting constant pressure on Barts Health Trust to reveal the extent of their imposition of migrant charges on suspected undocumented migrants. They have continued to intimidate those seeking health care even in Accident and Emergency and from pregnant women since the Government pilot of new forms determining migrant status. Now it hasContinue reading “North East London Campaign to Protest Migrant Charging”

STP in East London Fails to win Vital Funds

The ELHCP ( The East London Health and Care Partnership ) is what our local STP calls itself. They have now found themselves victims of NHS England’s austerity drive by failing to win bids submitted recently for much needed funding. All the fine words about integrating health and social care, transforming service delivery in EastContinue reading “STP in East London Fails to win Vital Funds”

Labour Consultation Document a “Breath of Fresh Air”

“short on detail ” but ” a breath of fresh air” was how one local campaigner described the consultation document recently released by the Health and Social Care Policy Commission. This reaffirms conference policy to renationalise the NHS . What needs to be confronted now, and I am sure many responses to the document willContinue reading “Labour Consultation Document a “Breath of Fresh Air””

Newham Hospital Maternity Facing Unwarranted Skills Shortage

There are a lot of pluses to derive from the recent inspection of Barts Health Trust which moved up the ratings in many areas. The overall rating is ‘requires improvement’, however, as it was before. Of real concern, however, is that all 4 ‘inadequate’ ratings were at Newham hospital and that 3 of these wereContinue reading “Newham Hospital Maternity Facing Unwarranted Skills Shortage”

Barts and the ‘Hostile Environment’

At this month’s Barts Board meeting we again followed up with our questions concerning Barts Trust and its complicity in implementing the ‘Hostile Environment’ policy which the Tory Government continues to pursue. First, however, we asked why without notice the meeting had been cut short by 45 minutes. The Chair made some allusion to aContinue reading “Barts and the ‘Hostile Environment’”