Victory Against Circle Company in NHS Procurement Battle

Circle group lost its bid in Nottingham to procure a £320m contract to the Nottingham University Trust. Following precedents by Richard Branson’s Virgin which sued the NHS for failing to obtain similar bids, Circle prevented the CCG for commissioning for services in Nottingham last year. This year however the High court quashed their attempt to reverse the decision but Circle still intends to sue the CCG for damages for ‘unfair procurement’ . Whenever private companies sue for damages, whether in the railways industry or the NHS, it is public funds which compensate these vultures.

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I have been a socialist and activist since the 1970’s. I taught in East London , with a brief interval in Bristol, for 25 years. I was a member of East London Teachers Association and active in the NUT on many campaigns and especially anti-racist campaigns against the BNP. I was secretary of Tower Hamlets TUC and organised a commemoration committee in 1996 to hold a 1000 strong march to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the battle of Cable Street. I helped organise and drove on three aid convoys to Bosnia during the war and again twice to Kosova in the 1990’s during the war in Yugoslavia. I am now joint secretary of Newham Save Our NHS . I have been a member of the labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership campaign.

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