Post-Brexit Threat to the NHS

President Trump in a visit from today which is being boycotted by the Labour Party and faces a protest march tomorrow,has said that he intends for the NHS to be “on the table” in negotiations with the US following Brexit. Boris Johnson has also said, following Trump’s endorsement of him that he thinks that private US firms should be allowed in to the NHS along with chlorinated chicken and other US agricultural products. Nigel Farage, who also receives endorsement from Trump has also expressed a desire to set up insurance schemes to replace the free health care model of the NHS. Among the list of talentless candidates for Tory leader and unelected PM are Matt Hancock, who as Health Secretary oversaw the setting up of the foundations for ICP’s ( Integrated Care Partnerships, explained in some detail in a leaflet produced jointly by KONP ( Keep Our NHS Public), HCT (Health Campaigns Together) and ‘We Own It’), Boris Johnson, who supports opening the NHS up to private US companies and Dominic Raab, failed Brexit negotiator and a supporter of privatising the NHS by offering tax breaks or premiums to incentivise private companies to offer healthcare provision for profit as indicated in documents he produced in 2013 and 2014. Jonathan Ashworth, Labour MP and Shadow Health secretary has said “Campaigners are right to oppose the “’Integrated Care Contracts’ “. In the absence of a General Election , Health campaigners in the coming year will face renewed attacks on the NHS from every quarter.

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