A Conversation at InHealth in Stratford

I recently took advantage of a free abdominal scan. When you reach a certain age the NHS offers you a free scan. Of course, this has been contracted out and in this case the company sited in Stratford near to the Unex Tower which houses our local CCG and is the venue for the joint CCG’s to meet, is “InHealth.” Next door to that is “Lantern Health “with its Carpenter’s Practice. In conversation with the health worker at InHealth I learned that his contract had been moved over to InHealth and for the moment, at least, his contractual terms of employment were unchanged. Complimenting me on my KONP badge , however, he was keen to warn me about the dangers of Brexit and US companies. Like many other young healthworkers he had , he said, no option but to work for a private health company, given financial pressures.

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