North East London Campaign to Protest Migrant Charging

NELSONHS have been putting constant pressure on Barts Health Trust to reveal the extent of their imposition of migrant charges on suspected undocumented migrants. They have continued to intimidate those seeking health care even in Accident and Emergency and from pregnant women since the Government pilot of new forms determining migrant status. Now it has been revealed in hackney that the Trust there are even allowing a Home Office employee to attend assessments.

Project 17, a project assisting destitute migrant families to seek support , including child support, have reported that the presence of an immigration officer to assist with assessments is putting off migrant families from seeking support.

Now North East London Save Our NHS are organising a protest on Friday 22nd March at 1.15pm marching from the mosque on Whitechapel Road to the Royal London Hospital. They will be protesting migrant charges and the “hostile Environment” Policy now infecting our NHS. Please come along and give your support!

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