East Ham CLP AGM Update

Under the supervision of the new London regional director, the East Ham CLP AGM took place on the 25th of February 2019 as planned. The following officers were elected:

Chair: Tahir Mirza
Secretary: Syed Taqi Shah
Treasurer: Mariam Dawood
Vice Chair Campaigns: Lakhmini Shah
Vice Chair Membership: Moniba Khan
Women’s Officer: Sophia Naqvi
Youth: Azka Rasool
LGBT Officer: Victoria Mitchell
BAME Officer: Sugathan Thekkepura & Asad Shan (Job Share)
TULO: Pushpa Makwana
Political Education: Tariq Hussain

As reported here earlier, this is a diverse officer team consisting of pro-Corbyn Left and other local activists. The elections for the delegates to Local Campaign Forum (LCF) were not held, which, given the recent history of East Ham CLP, is a concern for neighbouring West Ham CLP activists. LCF, among other things, creates the vital link between grassroots activists and the Labour Group, which consists of the Labour Councillors and the Mayor.

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