Newham Transforming – East Ham CLP AGM is happening!

The Labour Party in Newham is beginning to transform as the revival of East Ham CLP began late last year. All ten branches held their AGMs under the supervision of London Region, which is going through its own renaissance with the appointment of a new Director and a regional organiser.

Members of East Ham CLP learnt recently that their long-awaited AGM will finally be held on the 25th of February 2019 at The Trinity Centre East Avenue E12 6SG.

Based on the nominations during the branch AGMs, a mixed slate of pro-Corbyn and some other local Labour Party activists has emerged for the CLP officer positions. In spite of rumours and misinformation spread by local Blairites, the left group Newham Momentum did not organise a slate.

Newham Momentum’s secretary Linda Laurie spoke to Newham Transformed about the East Ham CLP ward AGMs and said: “The outcome of these elections was simply the result of the democratic processes and debates which took place in those long overdue and rejuvenated ward meetings. Ours is a broad and democratic Party. Newham Momentum is always willing to work with those comrades who genuinely respect this proud democratic tradition and are willing to work with us to combat cuts in local services whilst campaigning for the election of a radical, socialist Labour Government under Jeremy.”

Once the East Ham CLP is up and running, there is hope that Newham Local Campaign Forum (LCF), which was deliberately run to the ground by supporters of former right wing Mayor, Robin Wales, will finally begin to take shape. LCF is an important body, which enables a channel of communication between grassroots Labour Party activists and the Labour Group. It also organises local councillor and mayoral selections.

West Ham CLP activists hope that once the neighbouring East Ham CLP is up and running, they will be joined by their comrades in supporting some important borough wide campaigns.

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